Human Life is so precious. In any situation of emergency or any injury we have to go with first aid implementation. First aid is a procedure of curing in a start state when there is no professional medical help being available. It does not require any professional knowledge of tools; with basic courses we can make a best use of available first aid tools at workplace whenever needed.

Considering all that things an organization Construction Training Group in Australia performing the Act. The Organization providing the training to the construction company’s employees to secure their life at their workplaces, it is conducting many short courses including the 2 level first aid course which have the following criteria:

 Entry Requirements:

There are no conventional essentials; anyway, members ought to have fundamental English correspondence and appreciation abilities

 Information About the Course:

– Apply medical aid methods – Perform CPR – Communicate, report and record the occurrence 

 Culmination of pre-workshop perusing and pre-workshop appraisal exercises.

 Before the medical aid preparing, members will be furnished with a learning pack which incorporates all necessary hypothetical information. The pack requires finishing before the workshop day.

 Participation at a one-day workshop. 

Our first aid courses are encouraged by an individual from our exceptionally experienced preparing group, and incorporates coach introductions, pretends, little gathering work and in class functional exercises – so your cooperation will be required! Evaluation exercises incorporate a various decision test and show of reasonable abilities in a reproduced domain.

 Course Cost: Price: $200.00 per person.

 Book medical aid preparing in Melbourne:

To join our one-day medical aid course, essentially book on the web. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning our level 2 emergency treatment courses or other general enquiries, it would be ideal if you contact our group on (03) 9763 5449.

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 It can spare lives 

 Lessen the quantity of work environment mishaps 

 Positive workplace 

 Your organization will be more secure work environment 

 It can guard representatives outside of the work environment 

 It’s an incredible group building exercise 

 It gives your representatives certainty and clearness during a crisis

 It can reduce recovery time

 Team Building Exercise

 Healthy and Safety Workplace

 Employees confidence in Company