Mondays (and Sunday evenings) don’t kill you

If you have ever had a job that you hated, you will know what we are talking about! You hate the dreadful feeling that envelops your heart when the clock strikes 3.00 pm on Sunday! You know the happy weekend is over and the joy that was reverberating through your system slowly starts evaporating. You think dolefully about the long week that will follow, with its boring meetings and seemingly meaningless discussions. Then Monday morning will dawn and zap you of the last bit of energy that you have. You go to work and start counting days (hours and minutes too if the ache gets too bad) till Friday. If this is you, the career that you have chosen is clearly not for you! Don’t waste your life living someone else’s dream. Yes you seem to be plagued with a negativity that your co-workers don’t feel, but that’s not because there is something wrong with you. It’s because you are different.

It’s not always about the money

Most people who are dissatisfied with their careers, only work for the paycheck. When the opportunity to earn more comes up elsewhere, they say yes without batting an eye lash. But those who are happy with their work do it because they gain other non monetary benefits from the work. For example, those who do primary school tutoring Melbourne enjoy their jobs so much that they will often work for low salaries just to benefit from the intrinsic joy the job renders to their hearts.

You can go the extra mile without flinching

If your boss tells you do work an extra hour does your soul start screaming from within? Sure, everyone hates working for long hours but if you always try to get away by doing the bare minimum, you know you hate your job. If you love your career, most often than not you will be the last person to leave the office (voluntarily!). You will take on work to do at home during the weekends too. If you are a mathematics teacher for instance, you will find yourself becoming a qualified maths tutor Melbourne in the evenings simply because you love the job more than your free time.

You love talking about the job

Most of your social media posts are about the funny things that happen at work. Whenever you talk with strangers, you mention things you do at work. You do this not to brag or boast but simply because talking about your job makes you deeply happy. You are motivated and upbeat about your job when you are not in the office too. And this is the hallmark of a truly happy employee!

If you find that you dread the work that you do, take the plunge bravely and find a job that you love. Never be afraid to live your life to the fullest and don’t ever try to make career decisions to please the world. They owe you absolutely nothing so set yourself free!