There are many sources and platforms children can use for educating themselves. These sources vary in the medium they convey their message. Some sources can be written content, some can be by listening to lectures, and some can be through the use of images and videos. There are hundreds of ways available for children to gain their knowledge and help them understand and clear their difficulties and doubts.


There are different ways children can get help at different points in their education. They can get help through tuition teachers for school subjects, university tutor for higher studies, or follow notes and lessons uploaded on the internet by other top lecturers across the world.


Earlier days it was very difficult for children to access books and notes on lessons that they found were difficult. This was especially difficult for children of higher grades when they were expected to do projects as part of their exams. Sometimes they may find books in their own school or town library. However, some children did not even have these facilities as their school or town. As a result they may have to go to other schools or towns looking for the books they wanted. This was extremely difficult as they had to go looking for a library, find out its opening hours and based on that they need to make time to visit it. Once they visit it, they need to make notes of all the information they need as there is no way that they can take any form of copies of the notes directly. Nowadays if students want to take notes they have the ability to take copies of the notes within the library premises as well, or if not they can just capture the page on their mobile phones.

Assistance through the Internet

Now students also get opportunities to learn through internet. There are even lessons children can access in order to learn new topics and chapters. They can also gain access to exercises on these topics. Children can practice those exercises and even check their answers then and there itself as some exercises come with answers. There are many lessons on the internet where they teach you how to write letters, mails, stories, all you have to do is for example type essay help online and you will get thousands of results differentiated in terms of the level of each children.


It is not like years ago where children had to just use books to study. Now there are so many devices they can use to study and research information on for example computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets. There are different ways they can even gain access to the internet either through direct connection, Wi-Fi, dongles and so much more.